Do not support overfishing in the EMFF

Next week (23 October) members of the European Parliament will on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

In an email circulated to all MEPs, the rapporteur Alain Cadec (France, EPP) asks for support for amendments to reintroduce subsidies for building new fishing vessels and modernising engines.

The Fish for the Future bureau has sent MEPs the following reply to Mr Cadec’s email:

Dear Colleague

At political group meetings this week we will consider the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) – the report from French PPE MEP Alain Cadec.

Last February, 502 MEPs voted IN FAVOUR of reforms to the Common Fisheries Policy that can give Europe a sustainable fisheries policy, restock the seas, and end discards.

Alain Cadec voted AGAINST.

The cross-party ‘Fish for the Future’ group welcomes his call now for sustainable fisheries but there are three issues of real concern.

First, the Cadec report would allow billions of euros to be spent on ‘fleet renewal’ (Article 32b), although we still have too many boats chasing too few fish. Spending public money in this way was stopped in 2002 because it made worse the problem of overfishing. The money can be used instead to strengthen the fishing industry and help ports in difficulty.

Second, the Cadec report would allow money also to go towards engine replacement (Article 39.1.a). But modern engines can do the job more effectively than old ones and so increase the catching capacity of the fishing fleet without creating any new jobs. Our aim should be to promote a sustainable fisheries policy with more fish in the sea and more money for fishermen – not to provide subsidies for a few.

Third, we need to put more money aside for data collection. We simply don’t know enough about the state of fish stocks – except that in some places they are in a very bad way.

The Parliament can unite behind many proposals in the Cadec report. But to support the reformed Common Fisheries Policy we need to make these changes.

With regards,
Christofer Fjellner (EPP)
Ole Christensen (S&D)
Nils Torvalds (ALDE)
Isabella Lövin (Greens)
Anna Rosbach (ECR)
Mikael Gustafsson (GUE/NGL)


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