About us

FISH FOR THE FUTURE is a cross party campaign group within the European Parliament, founded in 2011.

To promote reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy with the aim of ensuring that we have more fish in the sea and so more jobs for fishermen.

Members of the group recognise that:
Fish represent a major part of the diversity of life and are an essential source of protein for billions of people across the world.

EU fish stocks are in many cases at precariously low levels as a result of fishing policies that are unsustainable.

Europe’s seas are capable of supporting fish in much larger numbers than currently exist, but the recovery of stock is prevented by excessive fishing and policies that pay little regard to local circumstances and promote the discard of fish.

Taking account of the views of the fishing industry and other stakeholders, the EU must adopt a long term, regionally-sensitive, science-led approach and introduce policies that promote sustainability. In some cases this may require a temporary reduction in tonnes of fish caught.

Our aim should be to ensure that our seas support fish stocks capable of delivering maximum sustainable yields to secure a healthy fishing industry, to benefit coastal regions and islands across Europe, and to meet the needs of future generations.

As a major importer of fish the EU has a global responsibility to promote ecologically sustainable fisheries, and must ensure in particular that its Fisheries Partnerships Agreements fulfil the same criteria as those of fisheries in EU waters.

Download our principles
Our Written Declaration

In the autumn of 2012, Fish For the Future distributed a leaflet called “Beginners’ guide on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy“. Design and production of this leaflet was funded by BalticSea2020. Fish For the Future is responsible for the content of the leaflet.

Contact us:
Bureau members:
Anna Rosbach MEP (ECR)
Christofer Fjellner MEP (EPP)
Isabella Lövin MEP (Greens/EFA)
Nils Torvalds MEP (ALDE)
Mikael Gustafsson MEP (GUE/NGL)
Ole Christensen MEP (S&D)
Chris Davies MEP (ALDE)

Email us: secretariat@fishforthefuture.eu


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