The New CFP reform – More regionalisation, but how? 18 Jan.

The New CFP reform – More regionalisation, but how?

When: Wednesday the 18th of January at 14.00
Where: European Parliament, N3.1, Louis Weiss, Strasbourg

MEP Christofer Fjellner, on behalf of the Fish for the Future working group, hereby invites you to a seminar on the new CFP reform to discuss the upcoming challenge with more regionalisation in the new fisheries policy. How do we move the decision making about the waters closer to the member states and the fishermen that depend on them? Everyone seems to talk about it, but how do we make it happen?

Speakers will be:
Mr. Ernesto Penas Lado – Director, Policy development and co-ordination, DG MARE
Mr. Henrik Österblom – Associate Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences, Stockholm resilience center.


TFCs – a solution to overfishing or a problem itself? 6 Dec.

How should fishing quotas be set in the EU? – 30 November

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Seminar: How should fishing quotas be set in the EU?
Where: European Parliament, Brussels, Room A5E-1
When: 30 November, 9:00 – 11:00
Event organised by cross-party group Fish For the Future

One key proposal in the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy is that EU fish stocks should be restored above levels which can produce Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) by 2015. What does MSY mean? What are the arguments for and against this proposal? What are the implications for the fishermen and the fish?

This seminar will provide a guide to these issues for MEPs who want to learn more about the Common Fisheries Policy reform.

Ending Discards – What Strategy for the CFP Reform? Event 9 November

Ending Discards
What Strategy for the Common Fisheries Policy Reform

Event date: Wednesday 09 November 2011 12:30 to 14:00
Organiser: ALDE / Fish for the Future

Norwegian experience of the “discards ban” – the strengths and weaknesses of the policy and implementation in Norway, lessons learnt, and best practice. The focus being on the implementation issues, the effectiveness of the policy and what experiences may be useful in shaping the debate on the CFP reform bearing in mind the long experience of discard reduction measures in Norway.

Peter Gullestad – Former Director General of Fisheries in Norway, oversaw the introduction and implementation of the discards ban in Norway,
Reidar Toresen – Respected Norwegian Fisheries expert (commenting on the scientific aspects).
Ernesto Bianchi – Head of Unit in DG MARE for CFP reform

To REGISTER and read the agenda, please refer to the event website.

Anna Rosbach on sustainable fishing

Anna Rosbach (ECR) speaks about the event organised by FFF in Strasbourg 25-26 October, 2011.

Who is the EP champion of sustainable fishing?

Try your skills at fishing – challenge your colleagues in a computer game tournament.

Scientists and designers at the University of Kiel have created a computer game that simulates how fish can be harvested without wasting the resource. In a 5-minute game, 4 players catch fish from the same resource to reach a high score together.

The game board will be at the flower carpet throughout the October Strasbourg session in the European Parliament. Everybody can come and play anytime during Tuesday 25 October and Wednesday 26 October.

Prize ceremony, Wednesday 26 October 17:00.

More about the game at

Event organised by the Fish For the Future campaign group.
Do you have questions or want to pre-register a team? Contact

Leading marine scientist Daniel Pauly in the European Parliament

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